Music Of A Life

Just a few links to music that I really like. Maybe you do or will too?

Rachel Price and Lake Street Dive – What a fantastic voice and sensibility…. notes and nuance

Mood Indigo – Nina Simone

Veinte Anos – Maria Teresa Vera

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas – Trio Los Panchos

The incredible Roland Kirk – Music from another planet and a better age…

Fugi sings “Mary, don’t take me on no bad trip” The funkiest of the funky – believe it or not Boz Scaggs used to sing this at his live shows.

Some of the great jazz from the days when it counted for real

OMFG! Glenn Gould plays 2/4 of The Goldberg Variations

The world would be a completely different place if Bob Dylan had never been in it. “Series of Dreams” (suggest you watch in full screen. Sorry for the ads, but that’s Vevo)

Les McCann and Eddie Harris

Live… this was recorded in Montreux, Switzerland and became a big, if shortlived, hit.

The Hoodoo Rhythm Devils – ‘Tangled Up In Blue’

Produced by Funky Jack Leahy and Bob Simmons (Telebob) for their label, World Records. This was on the LP called “Safe In Their Homes”. Later it was re-released on Fantasy Records and enjoyed modest sales in the Bay Area. The Hoodoos were a great band who always seemed to get to the station as the bus was pulling out. Fate has its strange ways.

There are some old rockers who still rule. I put Neil Young very high in my pantheon of true artists who never did anything for any reason other than it ‘felt right.’ Long may you run Neil. This is rough video, but it captures him in the latter part of his life doing what he still does best.

I’ve only recently discovered Trixie Whitley, daughter of the late Chris Whitley, but I will now follow her career with great interest. Such an amazing young talent.
Daniel Lanois was quick to notice, and with good reason. Check out her other stuff on You Tube, particularly the stuff with Black Dub.

Bebo Valdés, the heart and soul of Cuban music died today (March 26, 2013) in Stockholm. He was 94. He didn’t get to
see Castro dead.

This is a modern version of what we were after in the old days at the Avalon Ballroom in SFO when the Family Dog and Soundproof were running the place… the full immersion experience….  Light, Sound, Depth and the expansion of possibilities… it’s still out there to be achieved… where do you stand?

And of course no ‘Music of a Life’ would be complete without a dose of the clap or a video by Miley Cyrus just to let you know what we have devolved to- I cannot describe how much I detest this dreck.


4 thoughts on “Music Of A Life”

  1. What a treat, Bob. Thanks so much for the great music. Am enjoying it. In a couple days Am going up to Chester County to visit my Quaker ancestors homeland in London Grove and do some research about their involvement in the Abolitionist Movement at Swarthmore. Tomorrow we’re hosting a “Bollywood” birthday party for 7-yr-old Georgia. Thanks again for including me in your initial blog connection.

  2. Christ on a crutch! This set exemplifies exactly what Brave New Radio was about.
    Even then you were waaaay ahead of the curve.
    Miss you up here on Stumptown. And that’s not just one of our two dozen home grown coffee roasters either.
    Good work. Dude.

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