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“The Fillmore Shuffle” – Bruce Stephens recorded between 1976/77 in San Francisco, CA at Funky Features
It wasn’t all psychedelia and butterflies in your hair.

San Miguel de Allende – El Grito – Spectacular fireworks for Independence Day

A Visit to Tiny Texas Houses

Video by Telebob for Rear Window Music

The Road Worrier goes to Johnson City, Texas (for KCWX-TV -San Antonio, TX)

Telebob takes us on a walk in the Barton Creek Greenbelt.. Come on, you’ll enjoy it.

David Garza with Bobby Kaplan and J.K. O’Donnell at the Angela Peralta Theatre in San Miguel de Allende. September 2012

“Hole In My Soul” This is a photo montage with mostly my photos that illustrates a song sung by my friend Bruce Stephens. The song is from a demo session at Funky Features in SFO from around 1976. Go Bruce!

I shot this in 2010 in East Austin. Lisa Marshall is the singer, and she does a wonderful version of “Misty Blue” at ‘TC’s Lounge’ out on Webberville Road. Done with a little Canon Vixia in low light, but the atmosphere is super funky and I love the audience.

Annie Sampson from ‘The Blues Broads’ sings “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” at Threadgills in Austin, TX.

Ben Livingston records his tune “Gasoline” at Elmo’s Lab in Austin.

Kat Edmundson sings “The Very Thought of You” at the Elephant Room, Austin, TX 2009

Bobby Whitlock and CoCo Carmel sing “Any Day” at the Saxon Pub 2008

A visit to the Teatro Garcia Lorca in Havana Cuba… shot in 2000.

A Medical Mission to Palestine

A Medical Mission to Palestine – Part 1 from Telebob on Vimeo.

Eliza Gilkyson sings “Rare Bird” Recorded just on my little point and shoot Sony RX100. Eliza makes it where you don’t need
‘high production values.’


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  1. More pictures from Cuba, Bop! With the Cuban government’s recent decision to allow private ownership and sale of real estate, your photos capturing Havana’s unique architecture – which will no doubt be altered by the buying, selling, influx of money from outside Cuba and, sadly, demolition of some of these treasures – will be greatly appreciated. DEW

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